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Name:Benjamin Theta Stark
Birthdate:Feb 4
Location:United States of America
They knew it only as The Great One. It emerged, or was unleashed, into/upon the town of Ronan, Alberta, Canada sometime in early 2016. The town's residents became brainwashed rapidly into the service of the Painless God, who replaced all regrets and painful memories with serenity and a loss of all sorrow. And all it asked for in return was that they help spread its' influence to the world. To do this, though, it would need super soldiers to fight the Marvel universe's ridiculous number of superheroes, and so began sending out Shadows, literal creeping shadows with the ability to retrieve things from people, to get ahold of various heroes' and heroines' DNA and create a super-powered army.

Ben was one of those thrown-together offspring, but by the time he was created heroes were aware of what was going on, and his DNA donors, Kamala Khan and Tony Stark, took him back to be raised in a more sane, stable environment, although the two are simply friends, not lovers. Unfortunately, the war against The Great One intensified, and as it grew stronger with converts, it was determined the best way to fight it would be time travel: send somebody back with all of Tony and Richard Reed's research along with Dr. Strange's notes to prevent it from arising in the first place.

Tony volunteered his son for this task and since Ben has daddy issues the size of the average midwestern state, Benjamin went along with it. However, there's a catch: if Ben succeeds, he will cease to exist if he goes back to his present. The best Dr. Strange could do was ensure he continue to exist if he stays in the past.

Ben is a good guy, though he has a very hard time expressing emotions, often lies when he feels it'll protect people, and is dangerously overprotective of the people he loves. He wants to keep the world from descending into madness, and he prioritizes that above himself. Actually, he prioritizes almost everything over himself. His self-esteem is in truth fairly low, but his tough, stoic veneer that he had to develop in order to deal with the world hides it from most people. Though he's dealing with an excessive amount of stress at all times, one thing he learned from his parents is that giving up isn't an option, so he doesn't. Unfortunately one thing he learned from his Grandpa Howard is that alcohol is sweet brown medicine that takes away life's pains. Damn it.

Ben is 16 years old, for reference.
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